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  • Ferdinand Schumacher – The Oatmeal King

    Ferdinand SchumacherWe’ve all heard about LeBron James being “King James,” but there was a “King” way before LeBron in Akron.

    Ferdinand Schumacher, an immigrant from Germany and American entrepreneur, took an oat grain that most people fed to their livestock, and – after combining the grain with Akron’s abundant water supply from the canals — he became the Oatmeal King. His oats were grown and milled in Akron, Ohio, and then shipped out to the Union Army soldiers, keeping them fed during the Civil War.

    The beauty of Schumacher’s ideas is that he re-purposed a product that was already available. A creative entrepreneur sees an  existing resource and turns it into something beautiful. The spirit of Schumacher is alive and well in Akron, with a rebirth and re-purposing of the old infrastructure, which is being transformed into something new.

    Eventually, Schumacher’s company merged to become the company that we are all familiar with today, the Quaker Oats Company. Today in Akron, Quaker Square, which is owned by The University of Akron, still bears the mark of the silos that once stored Schumacher’s oats. His idea helped to not only transform the landscape of Akron, but it helped to transform a nation by feeding the Union Army. NOHO-Akron-Cascae-Lofts-Cascade-Metro-Park-Wheel

    Akron is a city that is constantly re-purposing old buildings and vacant land into vibrant housing and green spaces for the community to enjoy. Gardens are starting to fill the vacant lots in Akron, creating food and helping to sustain the local food movement in restaurants and at local stores and farmers markets. Many of the old buildings downtown have been transformed into office space, apartments, commerce space and thriving businesses, bringing 21st century jobs to the city of Akron.

    The NOHO Akron Cascade Lofts are another example of this transformation. Found on 21 W. North St., on the corner of North and Howard, 20 lofts are still available, with 12-foot ceilings, fantastic views of the valley, a direct connection to Summit Metro Parks and the Towpath Trail, secure parking and much, much more. The NOHO Akron Cascade Lofts are within walking distance to over 80 entertainment and dining venues, so you are guaranteed to never be bored in Akron.


  • Akron Entertainment & Dining Guide


    Never let it be said that there is nothing to do in Akron, Ohio. Within a 2-mile radius of the soon to be opened NOHO Akron Cascade Lofts, on the Corner of North and Howard streets, there are over 70 locations for entertainment and dining. There’s so much to do, it’s likely we missed a few, so please let us know of any we missed or what places that you like the best.

    Within walking distance you may visit some of the best culinary delights and cultural enclaves the city of Akron has to offer. If you’re not up for a walking tour of Akron, it’s FREE to park at most locations in downtown Akron after 6 p.m. on weekdays and over the entire weekend. Regardless of whether you drive or walk, Akron is a safe, secure and beautiful city nestled on the edge of the picturesque Cuyahoga Valley and will keep you entertained for years to come.

    Akron is a green city that has plenty of trees in its scenic neighborhoods, giving it a comfortable mix of urban areas and nature. With access to the Towpath trail and the Summit Metro Parks, Akron is a biker, hiker and runner’s dream. Take out your bike or put on your running shoes for the 80-plus miles of the Towpath trail that stretches from Cleveland to the North and Tuscarawas County to the South. For those who love to hike, there are over 50 trails with 125 miles of beauty for you to explore. To top it all off, it’s alluring year-round and has four distinctly different seasons, each of which engages your senses.

    After an exhilarating day spent in the valley, Akron has a unique nightlife like no other city in the nation. We have food to meet any craving or dietary need. Whether you want sushi and martinis or PBR and a grilled cheese sandwich, Akron has you covered. Catch an arthouse film, national music act, symphony show, ballet performance, small theater production or a local band at one of the several entertainment venues nearby.

    The idea is to live, work, play and stay in Akron. The NOHO Akron Cascade Lofts at 21 W. North St., on the corner of North and Howard streets, will offer true high ceiling loft space with fantastic views of the Cuyahoga Valley and Cascade Park. There will be access to the Towpath Trail via the Summit Metro Parks, and you will be within walking distance to anyplace that downtown Akron has to offer. Construction is coming along nicely and the lofts will be open soon. Reserve your loft today before they are sold out!

    Learn How to Live, Work, Play and Stay in Akron with the NOHO Akron Cascade Lofts guide to Entertainment & Dining in Akron with this cool interactive map of the 70-plus locations within 2 miles of the lofts. If we missed any, let us know and we will add them. Please feel free to use the map and share it with your friends and family to show them how many cool things are going on in downtown Akron.


    Entertainment & Dining Guide 2-mile Radius of Downtown Akron.